Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Annesley to fight Ken on routemasters

Annesley Abercorn has today promised to fight Ken Livingstone over the scraping of Routemaster buses if he wins the Conservative Future National Chairman election in a write in campaign. An avid fan and owner of Routemaster buses Annesley spoke exlusively to campaign insiders today. He promised to make fighting red ken over the red bus travesty would be is top priority. This is just another great reason why you should vote Abercorn in the CF elections.


Shock poll results have proven that only Abercorn can win here!

Response to untrue slanderous rumours

Several political blogs have made allegations that this is a 'spoof' website. This website is deadly serious with the aim of saving Conservative Future. Ran by Conservative Future members for Conservative Future members. Conservative Future is in crisis and only one man can save it! Vote for Annesley: Vote for Action.

Vote Abercorn

Vote Abercorn

Annesley Abercorn: the sensible choice

Action Abercorn

After all the recent scandals involving CF candidates the collective at Action Abercorn have come to decision that there is only one person who can save Conservative Future: Annesley Abercorn. In a last ditch attempt to save CF before the election closes this week we are attempting a write in ballot for Annesley. Support our campaign at actionabercorn@hotmail.co.uk.